Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Difference Maker
Your lords on high decree

“Pretty Impressive.” Aerin’s fingers tugged at the leather cover of the book his father had left him. It had only been a few hours since he had been given Regency of Alnoir. He sat now watching as the party that his father had loved more than himself restored a small piece of order to the world he now virtually owned. He allowed the image to die now as he heard hushed voices from the hall outside. He crept from his seat beside the whirling pool of energy to better hear the voices.

“It’s a Dark business, all this. If I had known you would use his own son to execute him, I never would have given my blessing. You are a cruel man, Velkan.” It was Odion, the sage-like Regent of Eoa. In his time with the regents, he had never known the tall purple-armored man to show so much emotion at one time.

Velkan was the Regent who had first encountered Aerin, who had turned him against his father, fueled his anger. Watching the man die, that anger had now cooled into a grey apathy that muted Aerin’s boyish features. “hate me if you wish, Odion, but I have never abused my power as he did, or carry myself with such pomp…”

“Our Office is Corrupt.” Odion replied “If only your power-blind eyes could see that. we may have rules, but those rules are not self-evident. You have not been around as long as I have, seen the kinds of things we can do without consequence. You would do well not to judge those who act from their hearts. some are not as hollow as yours.”

And with that he heard heavy boot clomps leaving, signaling the end of the conversation. He heard Velkan’s voice then, almost an unintelligible whisper. “If noone else is willing to perform the job the way it must be done, perhaps I should do it for them.”

The Bitterness and Sweetness of Life Parts 1 and 2
The Fall of the Magician, and the Rising of his tower

In the first of these epic episodes, the party was alerted to the fact that Firion, their long-loved mentor and guide had angered his powerful peers, and was set to be Erased for his crimes against time itself. The Regents, powerful and omnicient lords of the material planes – as well as time itself – had made it so.

As promised, the group was allowed to witness this event, and witness it they did. But in their last interaction with Firion, a gift was bestowed. They key to Firion’s own Playhouse. A temple to his creativity and a vault for his secrets. In addition, Roa, the would-be messenger from the regents came down with a racking sickness. They would discover, after taking her to a doctor, that she was pregnant, although she advocated her virginity. How could this be?

In the Second episode, the group, now aided by a new ally – Jasper the Cleric of Olidhamara – ventured into the Playhouse in search of answers and perhaps closure. What they found was awesome and also sad. The once glorious undersea temple had fallen into disrepair, and was beset by a great and evil force which had once been held captive here by Firion himself.

Now set free, the Tree of Wailing Souls sought to make this world it’s own. But the party destroyed the tree and in doing so unwittingly brought peace to the acidic sea. The Playhouse drifted into the sky, a silent sentinel over the land, and a shining testament to it’s lord’s legacy.

Dark Days

No jokes would save him now. Time, once one of firion’s possessions, was now slipping away from him. He wasn’t sure if he had been bound for days or years. His tired eyes rose to meet those of a stranger. Aerin was crouched outside his father’s cell, lowered to his level. “You’re…” Firion could not even get out a full sentence.

“You know who I am. That’s makes this simpler.” Aerin’s eyes blazed with a long-burning flame. One that had recently been reignited.


“I know what you did, ‘father’. Shattering a Continent for the sake of one life. While your wife and son sit in prison!” he banged on the bars. “you selfish bastard. You’re gonna be destroyed. and I’m going to watch.” He stood up and kicked the bars. “And then I’ll have some peace of mind.”

Aerin turned and stalked away, and for the first time in a long time, Firion was speachless. A figure crouched down now in Aerin’s wake. No doubt he was the one who had fanned Aerin’s flame. He was determined to break this magician. “by the time your body falls lifeless, my old teacher, not even your own family will love you.”

Madness from Dreaming (edited)
Real and the unreal

The vision began as many did, with tiny glimpses and half-remembered visages. He saw firion’s body explode into force and energy. He saw Baba Yaga’s smiling face above him. He saw a winged darkness descend down from the heavens. He saw a young girl running, splashing, into a sea that was not acidic, and he felt himself falling – Falling into a great emptiness.

The void opened up with a voice. “Callan, my dear brother.” it was the voice of his so-called Fae sister. “As my brethren, the past and the unwrit future lie at your fingertips. Allow me to guide you…for there are things that have been – a long time ago – that may avail you in days to come.”

You see a young Firion visiting a friend. A baby was cradled in his arms, and it was not his own. Firion places his thumb on the baby’s forehead, and a spark of flame shot out from the it’s little fingers.

A wave of emotions and time sweeps past, and the next scene that unfolds is a familiar one. Kitsure is bidding his friends farewell and passing through a mirror. Moments later the demon of Uthvana has been defeated, but at a terrible cost. Kitsure lies breathless, sprawled out on the grass.

Firion views these events through a looking glass, and shakes his head.

The vision tears away into blackness, and a precarious road stretches over the abyss. The paths seem to go on forever, breaking off into narrow offshoots and coiling around itself like a wall-less labyrinth. Strange artifacts and debris float through the blackness. The ticking of a clock echos through the emptiness, signalling the end of the dream.

Home Never Known Part II

Callan, Kitsure, and Karma were able to break Emmett out of prison with a dazzling display of covert magic. Everett made it back to the group just in time to help them rescue his mother. The reunion was short lived, however, as the Neothelid came to avenge it’s minions. Using the shadows, Callan escorted the group to relative safety. With his mother and father now together again, what has Everett left to strive for? What lies in store for the dismembered prison left in their wake? and what was Aeselous so eager to reveal to the group?

The lost son, Bane of the Father

There was a time in Aerin’s life when he didn’t hate his father. He grew up with stories of the mad magician who made life in Coral Heights almost enjoyable. There were adventures, there were fantastic miracles, and there was hope. And then it vanished, quite selfishly, into the blue. Aerin had fought long and hard with the question of why his father, Aephistos Featherwalk, had left him and his mother behind in the prison world. He had long since abandoned the childish belief that there was a good reason for it.

He sat on the steps in darkness, huddled against the wall as another frightful creature passed by. The strange winged sentry did not notice Aerin crouching in the dark stairway, and when it had passed out of earshot, Aerin climbed the stairs quietly. His father was here somewhere – and he would get his answers. The corridor at the top of the stairs was lit by an occasional torch, giving it a dungeon chic that Aerin thought was a little bit too exaggerated. The dim light did make it easy for the boy to slip from shadow to shadow.

At the end of the corridor there was a single door, which Aerin opened without much difficulty. The room inside was dark as well, and Aerin was beginning to wonder if he had arrived at night. Aerin could not make much of the room out in the darkness, though he could tell just by the smell of it that it was teeming with useless old items. He had heard his father had a knack for collecting them. As he moved forward, he tripped over some trinket or other, and attempted to make as little noise as possible as he caught himself on the wall.

Suddenly, the room lit up all at once, as if the sun had come out in a matter of moments. Aerin saw that his feet had been caught by a mannequin’s arm sticking out of a box of other plastic body parts.


Aerin looked up just in time to notice a giant curtain pulling itself back, revealing a face that he remembered strangely well. It was a portrait of his father. The Featherwalk played across his face, mocking Aerin’s fury. In a burst of inexplicable rage gripped him, and he grabbed the nearest vase, hefting it over his head and hurling it at the portrait. The vase shattered noisily against the canvas, tearing a small hole in the image, and the shards of porcelain clattered to the stone floor.

In the silence that followed, Aerin took a few short steps closer to the face of his father, and saw for the first time the dusty state of the room. A living soul had not been in these chambers for a very long time. Thinking his cause lost, he sunk down to the floor, deflated.

A voice echoed through the room to his ears, “You are not one who is known to me. And these halls are not friendly to wandering eyes.” The face the emerged from the darkness was of a middle-aged man with striking features and raven black hair. He was clad in resplendent white – what seemed to Aerin like ceremonial garb of some kind.

Aerin quickly wiped away the tears budding at the corners of his eyes, and faced the stranger. “My name is Aerin…and I would call this man father…if he had not abandoned my mother and I to an endless life in chains.”

The face that seemed somehow snakelike smiled pitying at Aerin, offering him a hand. “This man has been the cause of much suffering. Would you like to help me punish him?”

Aerin accepted the hand tentatively. He thought for a moment, standing and looking up at the portrait. There was a glimmer of something akin to hate in the eyes of this stranger, and Aerin found a sympathy in that anger. He turned back to the man before him after a thought, and nodded. “I will.”

Home Never Known Part 1

While in pursuit of Everett’s mother, the group found themselves flying above a sandstorm in the Dead North of Malachia When they were suddenly attacked by a giant magical beast. The creature threw Everett overboard and incapacitated Kitsure with minimal effort. After a brief altercation, Callan was able to rescue himself and Kitsure. The Iron Butterfly, however, was destroyed. Now on foot, the party traveled to the Prison, High Wall, in order to save Everett’s mother and hopefully reunite with Everett.

Everett and Cyan met up with a strange girl with a flying mount who showed them to an oasis. The shaman there gave them food and rest, and offered Everett Aid.

While at High Wall, Callan and Kitsure snuck in without much trouble, but found a startling discovery inside. Without any apparent explanation, Everett’s father Emmett had come to high wall looking for his Wife.

Fear's Haven
February 22nd

Finally Reunited with his friends Everett and Callan, Kitsure helped them restore good dreams to the town of Brunin. As an unexpected turn of events, the perpetrator was one of the very group responsible for abducting Everett’s Mother. Rather than killing the enemy, Callan instead arrested her mind with magic. The Android Kharma is now to be controlled by Callan.

For the Father - ATE
Somewhere beyond the heavens


“Kitsure…” The voice struggled to speak. There was trauma, and there was pain. He was disoriented. Slowly, his long life came back to him in flashes. A concerned father, a less than satisfied mother, and loving brother. Magic, and power. An Ageless war. Countless facts and knowledge that now, he supposed, didn’t matter. The face of his young apprentice. Kitsure had been everything to him for a long time now. There were those that called him the Regent of Alnora, sure. But there were also those who called him friend. Maybe even father…

Those connections were important, even now when it seem all his power had left him. There were no spells, no abilities, no strength could avail him now. A voice greeted him in his Darkness. “You slipped up, Firion. Did you not think that they could take away all the power they gave you? Your office went to your head, and now here you are.”

He recognized the voice, knew the face behind it. “Do you have any last requests before your time comes to an end?” The voice asked.


“Surely there must be something you want?”

“…Kitsure.” Was the only word his hoarse voice could gather.

There was a bit of laughter in the back round, from a different mouth than had spoke. A female voice struck up now. “Don’t patronize him! deserved, this might be, but it’s in now way funny.”

So All the Regents were here, then. Five watchers in the heavens, uncaring, simply observing. Why was it that the greater power he was given, the more rules there were about how he couldn’t use it? Once he had wanted to be the king of all worlds – second only to Fol himself. In the end he was one of the transitive ones after all. All things to their own time, he supposed.

He looked up into the eyes of the man who was standing above him. The man who would no-doubt gain all his abilities and responsibilities. He had always wanted Firion’s Throne after all. “A meeting with Kitsure can be arranged, I suppose. Last wishes should be honored, after all.” There was a mocking tone in the man’s voice, and the old Featherwalk thought of the world which would now be in his hands.

And in the dark, after all the voices and faces had left, he wept for the first time in several thousand years.

Coral Heights
Kitsure's adventure in wonderland

Kitsure awoke in a room with no door. No magic could avail him. Days passed. Perhaps even weeks. A periodic converasation with Everett was his only pleasure. One day upon waking, a magician tarot card lay tucked in the mirror. When kitsure touched the card he fell unconcious. In his mind he spoke with the guardian of his spirit, simurgh. When he awoke, the cell had been openned. He left the room to find himself inside the prison of coral heights. A world whose inhabbitants had created their own money and society affer being left to their own devices by their captors. One of these inhabbitants was Nora Featherwalk, firions wife, and Aerin Featherwalk, his son. The son, bitter about his dather’s abandonment, wanted to escape from the prison. Together he and kitsure dove into the depths of the world and vanquished the fae-eating gorgon, Saskia, and saved the nymph Yvani. Together the three used the twilight key to escape the prison.


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