Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Coral Heights

Kitsure's adventure in wonderland

Kitsure awoke in a room with no door. No magic could avail him. Days passed. Perhaps even weeks. A periodic converasation with Everett was his only pleasure. One day upon waking, a magician tarot card lay tucked in the mirror. When kitsure touched the card he fell unconcious. In his mind he spoke with the guardian of his spirit, simurgh. When he awoke, the cell had been openned. He left the room to find himself inside the prison of coral heights. A world whose inhabbitants had created their own money and society affer being left to their own devices by their captors. One of these inhabbitants was Nora Featherwalk, firions wife, and Aerin Featherwalk, his son. The son, bitter about his dather’s abandonment, wanted to escape from the prison. Together he and kitsure dove into the depths of the world and vanquished the fae-eating gorgon, Saskia, and saved the nymph Yvani. Together the three used the twilight key to escape the prison.



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