Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Dark Days

No jokes would save him now. Time, once one of firion’s possessions, was now slipping away from him. He wasn’t sure if he had been bound for days or years. His tired eyes rose to meet those of a stranger. Aerin was crouched outside his father’s cell, lowered to his level. “You’re…” Firion could not even get out a full sentence.

“You know who I am. That’s makes this simpler.” Aerin’s eyes blazed with a long-burning flame. One that had recently been reignited.


“I know what you did, ‘father’. Shattering a Continent for the sake of one life. While your wife and son sit in prison!” he banged on the bars. “you selfish bastard. You’re gonna be destroyed. and I’m going to watch.” He stood up and kicked the bars. “And then I’ll have some peace of mind.”

Aerin turned and stalked away, and for the first time in a long time, Firion was speachless. A figure crouched down now in Aerin’s wake. No doubt he was the one who had fanned Aerin’s flame. He was determined to break this magician. “by the time your body falls lifeless, my old teacher, not even your own family will love you.”



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