Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Dead men do, infact, tell tales

(May 7th), Startence, 25

the group arrived at the craftsman’s guild with several other like-minded warriors, just to be attacked by the persons offering the job. After some awkward discussion, the party agreed to go on the rescue mission. Following instructions laid down by Mr. Dursey, The group was met with a small band of lizardfolk, a race of sentient reptiles said to live in the mountains of malachia. After being initially denied entry, one of Dursey’s henchmen, named Roland, arrived to ‘help’ but only proved to instigate the lizardfolk into attacking the party. After a brief battle the party killed the lieutenant and the underlings scattered. The party continued on, one of them dragging the lieutenant lizardfolk behind him.

As they searched the mountain trail, a tower appeared before them. It was obsidian black and ominous. They approached it and were ushered inside. The tower turned out to be a relic from the Third age, still reaking with the wasted lives of the great war. The party successfully defeated the Warden and released the spirits from their unrest. The words “Thank you” are now carved into the rock at the party’s feet, and it is hour 27 durring the night of the 25th of Startence. 80th year of the 5th age.

Encounter XP: 360
Participation XP: 400
Present member XP: 760
Absent member XP: 360



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