Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Family Matters

(June 29th), startence 41-48

The Party reached Judson one member short. there, they discovered that Everett’s Aunt and Uncle, as well as three cousins. Because their Ship wasn’t set to leave until the 48th, they settled down at the Avery Inn. During their time in the city, while investigating the Earthquake, they ran across rumors of a ‘creature’ from another world, which had been captured. Everett promply saved said creature and carried her to the health clinic. Meanwhile, Callan and Kitsure each had their own adventures. Kitsure was granted the opportunity to participate in a magical ability assessment by the Greater Malachian Academy of Judson. Callan, on the other hand, Discovered a very finely crafted weapon that he wanted. In exchange for it, he went on a small quest with Everett to slay a monster who’s hide could be used to make amazing armor. The creature they saved, Ta’Nak, unexpectedly chose to aid them on this endeavor, meanwhile Cassandra and Raikoh competed in a party tournament at the Fighters Guild. after all was said and done, the group all got on the ship, The Seventh Swell, on the way to the Twin Moon Islands.

Encounter XP: 350



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