Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Home Never Known Part 1

While in pursuit of Everett’s mother, the group found themselves flying above a sandstorm in the Dead North of Malachia When they were suddenly attacked by a giant magical beast. The creature threw Everett overboard and incapacitated Kitsure with minimal effort. After a brief altercation, Callan was able to rescue himself and Kitsure. The Iron Butterfly, however, was destroyed. Now on foot, the party traveled to the Prison, High Wall, in order to save Everett’s mother and hopefully reunite with Everett.

Everett and Cyan met up with a strange girl with a flying mount who showed them to an oasis. The shaman there gave them food and rest, and offered Everett Aid.

While at High Wall, Callan and Kitsure snuck in without much trouble, but found a startling discovery inside. Without any apparent explanation, Everett’s father Emmett had come to high wall looking for his Wife.



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