Good Wishes for Tomorrow


(May 25th)Startence 29-38

The group went (grudgingly) on another mission for Mr. Dursey and his associates. You found yourselves in Taran, searching for missing people, and following Clues left by yourselves without your knowledge. They led you to the mayor’s house, where you found a secret passage down to the Blue Stripes’ hideout. You’d heard that the Blue Stripes was being manipulated by the Great Ring in some way, but it was vague. in one of the chambers, you encountered Two Blue Stripes members, who silently permitted you entry under the understanding that you were there to defeat the Great Ring operatives that had done something to their Boss. Not long after, you found your way into a vent above the meeting room overhearing that the Town had been time locked, repeating the same day for seven days. You had left the clues for yourselves the previous day(s?). The Glowing blue figure who was using the mayor’s body, escorted the three important people out of the room, and through a portal on the wall. When you followed you found the Great Ring President and advisors to be Stopped in time, and the Glowing blue man to be sitting on a throne of sorts. He introduced himself as the Time Wizard, and said that the Fools in the Great Ring had no idea the kind of havoc he would soon wreak on the world. Your party defeated him, with his weak old body, and the blue mist left him and dissappeared, leaving you in the room with the unconscious leaders of the Great Ring, and four tanks of strange blue gas.

Encounter XP: 400
Participation XP: 1000
Present Member XP: 1400
Absent Member XP: 400



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