NPC Cache: Brunin


The Elvish citizens of Brunin are Plagued by nightmares – But it’s worse than that. The forest surrounding their home has turned against them. The creatures that they once hunted now hunt them, and any hope of support coming from other cities has been abandoned.

Eiza’s Mane Inn
Keeper – Elbine
Elbine is a Hunter’s Widow who takes care of her only son as best she can. Young Loahn is a handful, however, always seeking to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Keeper’s Son – Loahn
Loahn is a strong-hearted young man with acute aim and a handsome face. He is the idol of all the younger elf boys of his village. He is also the only one to have crossed the Boundary and survived – if only just.

Gilded Green
Blacksmith – Mileus
Mileus once used the weapons he forges, but it has been long since he held a bow – ever since a hunting accident took his first born son from him. He has never been the same. His second son – Tomeus – Hunts for his family. His Meek wife Elandir tries her best not to bring up the subject.

Mileus’ Son – Tomeus
Tomeus is a good-natured teen who tires to do right by his peers. He often goes on hunting trips with his good friend Loahn. He is often referred to as Loahn’s good sense, as he is often the only buttress between Loahn and a bad idea.

Mileus’s Wife – Elandir
Elandir was born to a rich elven family in the northern parts of Alnora. She met the young Mileus when he was a young fur trader and woodsman, and she followed him home. She takes care of the children of the town, and is thought of as a matriarch of sorts.

Chief’s Quarters
Village Chief – Gynen
Gynen is the oldest and wisest resident of the Village by some count, and herds it’s people rather than rule them. He and his companion Willar – A priestess – happened upon the village while travelling and, seeing that it was in need of guidance, adopted it as their own. Even though they live together and give off the air of a married couple, he and Willar’s relationship is platonic.

Village Priestess – Willar
Willar has been to many places in Alnora. She and Gynen first met on Pilgrimage. Their paths joined there and, when the pilgrimage had met it’s end, the two continued to travel together. Willar is opinionated and takes her status very seriously. However, she is also very knowledgeable and sincere.

Other Villagers
Villias and Varnus
Two half-elf brothers whose travelling parents died tragically near the village. The village took them in, though they have no official “home.” They are convinced that they are going to resume their wandering when they are old enough.

A traveler and soul surviving member of the Southreach pilgrimage. He currently resides and the inn free of charge. Before the Nightmares began, He and his pilgrimage were gathering supplies to assist the efforts in restoring Malachia. When they tried to leave the town, their wagons were destroyed and most of the pilgrims were killed.

A bard and local Oddity, it is said Servis could convince a soul that the sky is purple and there are boats in the sea if he chose. The man’s past is a checkered one, and most of the parts he has revealed don’t exactly fit together. He never wears matching socks because he is afraid that if he begins to make too much sense he’ll disappear from the world.

Nomad and Eyger
Nomad and Eyger were the Two senior Hunters of the Village. Eyger died hunting for the source of the Nightmares. Nomad came back from that hunting trip mute, and built the boundary around the village single-handedly.


NPC Cache: Brunin

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