Everett Bastion Avery

Short, Head Strong, Give 'em Hell Attitude


Str: 16
Dex: 15
Con: 16
Int: 16
Wis: 12
Cha: 16

AC: 16
HP: 70



Everett Avery is from Starten, a place where the poor are poor and the rich are politicians. When Everett was 5, his father joined a revolt against the corrupt landlords and politicians of the city. Ultimately, the revolt failed, and those who stood up for their people were killed, captured, or exiled. Everett and his mother have no knowledge of which fate was Mr. Avery’s. Over the next ten years, they struggled to keep their very modest house, despite being middle class. Eventually, a politician came to his mother. He made her an offer she couldn’t reuse: he personally guaranteed that Everett would live a life of wealth, as long as she would leave him and her house behind to live with the man as his bride. Imagining the life Everett would have, with servants, money, and never having to work a day in his life, she agreed. He was true to his word, but it didn’t matter. Everett refused the money and left his home.

Unwilling to believe that his father was dead, Everett would find him and together, they would save his mom and be a family again. However, he didn’t know if his father was captive or exiled, and he would need to know for his plan to work. The first step was simple, but difficult; Everett would need to become stronger.
He started toward a nearby city, known for it’s gang. The gang was not impressed with the boy, but he managed to convince them to give him a chance. In order to even be considered for the gang, he would need to win that night’s tourney at a fight club.
Now, this was a boy with no fighting experience and he was facing some of the roughest men and half-orcs in all of Malachia. His motivation was stronger than the other fighters’ lust for the prize money, and his resilience saw him through to the finals. However, he was already a bloody mess and his opponent was much more experienced than the other contenders This was one of the most respected members of the gang. The battle lasted a lot longer than the half-orc expected; it took him a full four minutes to defeat the boy. The gangster saw potential in the boy, and convinced the gang to let him fight in more tourneys, despite failing to win this one. The half-orc taught the boy to fight by pairing him against the toughest of the gang members. Between the fights and the tourneys, he became an experienced brawler, and within four months, Everett had one his first tourney and was given the mark of the gang on his left pec. He was officially in.
Everett learned to love his life. He was growing stronger. he developed a lust for the prize money. he spent very little of it, and because of that, he became rich. Plus, the gang, the fight club, and even the prize money were illegal,and that was a slap in the face to those politicians who had damned him to a life of blood and violence.

And he had learned. How to fight. How to lie. How to intimidate. How to speak orc, even. The people gave him the respect and fear the mark demanded. After a year and a few months of being in the gang, he was granted the gang’s blessing to search for his father.

The Many, Many Quirks of Everett Avery: A Field Guy to Understanding the Brawler

Tucking hair behind his left ear: Usually done at times he is flustered or confused. He is likely to do this again, even if it is tucked, if he gets more flustered or confused.

Biting his lip: One of the few times where he is actually watching what he says, since saying whatever he’s thinking would be counterproductive.

Sticking his bottom lip out: Basically, it means that someone said something that he didn’t understand, making him feel dumb. Done to somebody else besides the speaker if available, and followed by a request for this person to clarify.

Punching his open palm: A bravado. He’s worried or even scared, but he’s feigning confidence, partially to convince others he’s perfectly capable of succeeding, and partially to convince himself.
In one motion, lifting his left hand in front of his face, clenching his hand into a fist be lowering pinky, then ring, then middle, then index fingers, and then recoiling fist into a position to strike: He’s confident and ready to do anything.

Flipping the bird: Basically, ‘come here and I’ll hit you’.

Strike someone who just ribbed him: Payback against someone he doesn’t care about, or he’s feeling like playing rough, usually done to someone he respects as a fighter, although not always the case.

“Do you want to get hit?” (or around those lines) to someone who just ribbed him: He’s learning to care about said person.

“Ooh. Someone’s getting smart.” (or around those lines) to someone who just ribbed him: He’s learned to like said person, thinks of them as a good friend.

Ribbing them back: He trusts said person and cares deeply about them, if done in a playful manner. If not in a playful maner, he’s probably drunk and doesn’t recognize who said what.
Not responding to a ribbing: He’s distracted.

“Yeah? Well…” or “Maybe you’re right” (or around those lines) to someone who ribbed him: He’s sad, worried, or otherwise low on confidence.

Physical touch: The most you can expect out of Everett is a hand on the shoulder, unless you’re a parent, taken on a parental roll to him, or have requested or engaged him in one. HOWEVER, he is very sensitive to friendly, passionate, or otherwise positive touches. A friendly figure putting their hand on his shoulder will be quietly appreciated, and when done in the right mood, such as desperation, fear, or sadness can help calm him down. Putting a hand on both shoulders almost guarantees his complete attention, as well as helping to calm him down. He does not know how to respond to compassionate touches, so he’ll most likely just look at you dumbfounded or get flustered and tuck his hair behind his ear.

Hugging: I’ll emphasize this one by giving it it’s own spot. As you may expect, Black Dogs aren’t really the hugging type. Truth be told, the last hug he’s had was the one his mother gave him when she explained the deal she said goodbye the last time they saw each other two and a half years ago, and he hasn’t really been hugged by that many other people besides his parents in his life. If done by somebody he already likes, with the exception of a people like Black Dogs (unless heis really, really broken up about something) will be the best way to calm him. Outside of that, it’ll be appreciated, and will help him build trust with the hugger. Although he’d never admit it, unless really drunk, he wants to be hugged, and he plans on hugging his father as soon as he sees him, as well as his mother.

Everett: Family Line

John Waywick was a boy with two dreams. He wanted to travel all over the world, and he wanted Lucinda Helterz to love him. He grew up in hard labor, as his father before him. However, Lucinda loved the smart man. He tried several times over to impress her, and several times he failed. Finally, he approached her with his dreams and hopes and feelings rather than resorting on just trying to impress her. Ironically, this was what impressed her, and she agreed to date him, if he promised to take her with him when he left. He quickly agreed, and they found a strong connection. within a year, they had wed.

There was one problem, though. Neither John nor Lucinda could afford the trip on their own. They would need help if their journey was to happen.

Their answer came in the form of James Alexander, a lute player who was quickly running out of inspiration. He had been asked by the pair to inquire about a person who was willing to employ them for a high paying job that would allow them to make their journey. Captivated by the thought, the lute player studied other places in Malachia. He found his muse as a result, and began to sing about these strange and mysterious places, where instead of the sandy deserts of Nueva, there were forests, rivers, huge cities, and other things the people hadn’t even dreamed of. After a few months, enough people had been inspired to form a caravan, which headed south toward these mysterious new places.
Many people left the large caravan on the way, finding things or people that worth worth settling for. James was wed to another member of the caravan at some point, and Lucinda and James’ wife, Martha, gave birth within a year of each other. First was James’ son, Trent, and then the Waywick’s baby girl, Lily, was born. Now, they grew up with each other, and between his own impressive lute skills and his romantic personality, he succeeded in wooing her. The were wed, and had two children: Amelia and Jacob.

Amelia grew strong in personality, and her love and kindness was famous among the caravan. Many boys loved her. Many boys lusted after her. Because of this, it was a shock when she married a man who was not a part of the caravan. He was Jack Avery, a man who was working on the airship project in Judson. Naturally, the caravan was attracted to the project, as it would give them access to places unreachable by Elegy Gates. They gave birth to three children. Franklin, Emmett, and Rosanna.
Franklin himself had two daughters and twin sons with a woman named Haley, who were named Elizabeth, Minda, Jackson, and Jeremy. Minda died in the first few weeks of her life, but Elizabeth, Jackson, and Jeremy, along with their parents, Franklin and Haley, still live in Judson to this day.

Emmett found himself dating several people, never finding someone he could truly be with, until the woman Bethany walked out of an airship and into his life. She lived in the city of Starten, so their romance was short lived at first. However, Emmett found himself constantly thinking about her, and went to meet her in Starten one day, where there romance continued and they eventually wed. They had one child, named Everett, after Bethany’s father, who happened to be the son of a man and woman who had also been in the caravan at one point.
Rosanna found herself attracted to an elf named Amil, and traveled with him to his homeland where she is now pregnant.

This leaves his surviving family at this:
Mother, Bethany
Father, Emmett
Uncle, Franklin
Aunt, Rosanna
Cousin, Elizabeth (21)
Cousin, Jackson (16)
Cousin, Jeremy (16)

Details! Minor details! (will be added to)

Everett is a little short for a human, and while he is muscular, he is not as large as his father. He has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and brownish skin (think turkish decent). His body does have some minor scars. The mark of the Black Dogs is a black tattoo of a paw print on his left pec. He typically dresses in brown shorts, and that’s it. When people fight in the fight club, they are dressed in shorts, and this is part of why he does it. Simply wearing shorts shows his mark, his position within the Black Dogs as a brawler and entertainer, it leaves his wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and ankles free from the hindrances of clothing, and simply because he can. When you’re a black dog, there’s not a lot of people who are going to scold you. The one other article of clothing he can be seen in frequently is a brown cloak given to him by the much larger T’Kil as an ‘induction reward’. He treasure the cloak, and only wears it when things are cold. Due to the half-orc’s size, he can completely cover himself in it if necessary. His knees, knuckles, and elbows are scarred and often bruised or scabbed. These are his main tools in battle. They make busting a forehead open easy work, and fight club spectators love blood. It’s basically like a musician bowing to the crown or a football player dancing in the in-zone. It’s playing to the crowd. A fight without blood is booed, and in the tourney’s, the happier the fans are, the bigger the victory purse.

Everett is distrusting of men of all races, and most of the women. The women that he winds up trusting soonest are motherly types. As for kids, let’s do a side by side. If a man came up to him to deliver the note, he’d tip him a few GP. If a boy came up to him, with the same attitude, said the same things, and delivered the note, he would probably tip him about 100GP. However, if you are a politician, unless he needs something out of you, he will immediately hit you. He does not like politicians.

Everett can be aggressive. A lot. He’s aggressive in his pursuit for his father. He’s aggressive in battle. He’s aggressive in the way he tears into pork after a long day. If you piss him off or insult him, he will hit you, unless you are a woman or a child. If you are a woman and insult him, he’ll usually just curse at you and storm off. If you are a child, he’ll try to intimidate you into a full retreat, and if unsuccessful, he will curse at you and storm off. Actually, a good way to tell if he likes you or not is to insult him, if you are a man of course. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll hit you. Or if he’s already pissed. If he likes you, he’ll threaten you with some line like, “Do you wanna die?” Granted, ignore his warning and he will knock you on your ass.

Everett is extremely loyal to the Black Dogs. If he encounters a member of another gang, he will be respectful, but he will make sure they know he’s a Dog, and if they do something he doesn’t approve of, he will be the first to pick a fight. Also, he will be respectful to any Black Dog, especially a Dog of higher rank.

As I said, Everett is distrustful, but he is respectful, even if he doesn’t like you, unless you’re a politician. He does seem to be more trustful of politicians that aren’t pure human. He will be serious most of the time, trying not to be distracted from his ultimate goal. However, he can be easily distracted from his ultimate goal if you engage him in a conversation about his brawling, or challenge him to a fight, or catch him in one of those daydreamy moods where he is think about his life after he rescues his mother and father. As he is a physical person, he responds best to a physical action. A light slug to mean ‘good job’, a couple of light slap taps on his cheek to mean ’you’re funny’ or ‘you really had me going there’, or a light push on his head to mean ‘be serious’. He does not hug males. If some older male he trusts or is beginning to trust messes with his hair, he’ll threaten him, but it’s empty, and he’ll actually feel more accepted by him, allowing him to the man who did it. However, asking him about his home, his motivation, his parents, or something of that matter will shut him up quick, as he is insecure about talking about such things. In fact, it’s hard to get any information from him. If you’re a Black Dog, you don’t get intimidated easily, so even interrogating him isn’t always an option. He will be slow to reveal anything about himself, whether it be where he’s from, what languages he speaks besides Common, or is not about his brawling. If you ask him of his mark, he’ll refer to it as only a tattoo, assuming that person will learn first hand what a Black Dog is.

As far as combat goes, he prefers to incapacity rather than kill. He hasn’t killed a humanoid yet and he isn’t about to, if he can help it. However, he doesn’t mind if someone else kills. Then it’s on their conscience, not his. You don’t get far in the Black Dogs if you can’t accept killing.

As for classes, he respects people who fight up close without weapons the most. Then, he respects those who fight up close with unedged weapons, like hammers, chairs, ladders, chains, and the like. Next those with bladed weapons who fight up close and those who heal or support. He accepts that he needs ranged back up, although he would never admit it to that ranger or marksman. He still believes the right way to fight is up close where the battle may be fair. Any offensive minded sell users he dislikes, and he will flat out disrespect any evoker he meets.

He is uncomfortable with the use of magic, but can accept some of it’s uses. Whenever possible, he will avoid it’s use.

Also, he might complain about it, but anyone who sets him aside to teach him something or even try to have a heart to heart with him will mean more to him for doing so. However, lecturers will be punched.

Loves: Kitsure Ariat
Hates: Demons and Bugbears

Everett Bastion Avery

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