NPC Cache: Judson


An old Half-orc formerly from the black dogs. He lives on a private homestead about an hour out of town, but he spends his time lazing about town. Recently, he has been asked to lead one of the Restoration teams that are peicing the town back together after the vicious earthquake.

Franklin and Haily Avery
Owners of the Avery Inn. A loving couple with Three grown children, all of which still live at home. They are a caring couple who have taken in several recently homeless individuals after the earthquake, building their tabs at discounted prices, promising not to charge them fully until the town is back on it’s feet.

Jackson and Jeremy Avery
Twin sons of Franklin and Haily Avery. They are a rambunctious duo, and though they spend much of their time together, they are very different people. Jackson has aspirations of being an Airship Pilot, while Jeremy fully intends to take over the family business when his father retires. Jackson has a small cut over his left eye which distinguishes him from his brother. He recieved it falling from a tree while proving to his brother that he could climb farther up the tree than he could.

Elizabeth Avery
The oldest sibling, Elizabeth is a hard-working, independent woman whose occasional distracted appearence makes most people think of her as flighty, but behind those distant eyes is a calculating mind. She is betrothed to a young man by the name of Kyle Epperson, an Aviator, who is currently apprenticed on a Ship called the Deliverence. A patient woman, she waits for him to return silently, but hopefully.

Alicia Arrowalk
Head Elder of the Fiddlemouth Troupe which is currently residing in Judson. She is a stern old Gnome, whose advice is often taken for lecture. She is a kind woman, but her overbearing personality belies her kind nature.

Kizer Meadows
Curator of the Judson Aeronautics and History Museum. He is a curious fellow who can often be seen walking his son around town while he ought to be signing paperwork.

Simon Fallon
Son of one of the greatest Aviators that the town remembers. One who has not been seen or heard of in 10 years. He still remembers his father fondly, but now endeavors to best him at the family trade. Simon, Age 20, is the captain of the Seventh Swell.

Veo is the reigning Master of the Guild of Shadows. He has a strange disposition and an Awkward way about him, but his strength of will and cunning keep him on top through feats of seemingly incredible luck.

Brent Cummings
The headmaster of the Judson Academy. He is stern and serious when on the job, but soft and carefree when at home. His dichotomy is bewildering to those who attend the academy. Despite his serious guise, he is a favorable man who makes exceptions when he sees them warranted.


NPC Cache: Judson

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