NPC Cache: Taran


Mayer Craynon
Mayer Antony Craynon is an old man with old-fashioned tastes. But with his old fashioned tastes comes old fashioned curteousy and chivalry. the Mayor can oft be seen strolling along the Banks of the Ultros playing and chatting with the youngsters in their rolled-up jeans and big straw hand-me-down hats. Sometimes he will stop in at the drug store or even the church to pay his respects. He may come visit friends and family for dinner or invite passerby to his home for a warm meal. This is the kind of man that mayer Craynon is.

Maggy Craynon
Maggy Craynon is the mayor’s third wife, and is a lovely woman who honestly loves her husband, though he is thirty five years older than she. She comforts him and teases him in every way that a woman in love does. Noone in the city would call her a gold digger, for they all have seen the genuine love she has for the old man.

Stewart Horus VIII
Stewart Horus is the town’s police commissioner/sheriff. He is a quirky man with a taste for bourbon and pipeweed. He is lax and even tempered. His opinions on the gang situation are thus: when the Gang’s presence starts threatening the town, then he must do something. but as of yet there seems to be no real harm.

Kiger Telman
Kiger is the chief grower of the Taran Pipeweed, and as such lives very well in his plantation near the outskirts of the city propper. He is a man of simple tastes, which he relishes with gusto. He lives alone, but often calls on the services of a particular maid, a daughter of one of his land holders. He pays her and she sings for him, and dances.

Alice Hemon
Alice is the Daughter of one of Sir Kiger’s Land holders, Buddy Hemon. She Gets paid a substantial sum to visit the man who owns her father’s land. She began the job expecting the worst from Kiger, but the man only requires that she sings and dances for him, nothing else. after several years of this, she has begun to enjoy the visits she pays him, and sometimes does other things for him, like cooking and cleaning, even though she is not asked. The money she is paid for her performance helps out a great deal with her family affairs.

Flynn Fynn
Owner of the Taran Drug Store, where they sell all kinds of things. His Favorite pass time is hitting on the ladies that enter the establishment.

Mellow Singlove
A travelling performer who settled in at the Castle Yellow Tavern and has yet to leave. He sits in the lobby and plays songs as requested by those sitting there. He can play many instruments and sing many popular ballads.

Merril Frost
Marril is the owner of the Castle Yellow Tavern in Taran. She is a kind lady with a sharp tongue who has gotten such good reviews from Mellow’s singing and performing, that she now allows him to live there for free as long as he continues his playing. Merril is an old woman who was widowed only three years shy of Startence 35th.


NPC Cache: Taran

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