NPC Cache: Ultros

Ultros NPCs


Emperor Alphonse Malachi III

Emperor Alphonse III is currently the emperor of the house of Malachi, the ruling house of Malachia.

Vacance Malachi XIII

Heir to the thrown of Malachia, disappeared shortly before his inauguration. No one knows his current whereabouts.

Marco Telos

Royol Vizier and resident overseer or the Telmas Islands. He sits to the right of the Emperor at meetings.

Michael Everhart

Current sire of the Everhart house. He sits at the Emperor’s left.

Victoria Baulm

Headwife of Emperor Alphonse.

Kyle Steiner

Forecaptain of the Malachian Army.

Sheldon Walker
A quiet, strong, old-fashioned Private eye who is said to be the last real Law Man in Malachia. His office is located just outside the city walls, but his eyes watch both realms. He is short with everyone, and will never truely show affection to those he cares about. He has been hardened by too many backstabbings.

Vango Nailbit
A master craftsman, and perveyor of all manor of armor and weaponry. His shop is located near the Plaza Market place. He is gruff, as many dwarfs are, and a white streak of hair from his left temple all the way down through his long, braided ponytail. He is a slightly derranged old dwarf, and is convinced that the end is coming and that all should take up arms.

Malinka Nesbit
Owner of the antique shop on the Plaza Market Place. Malinka is a very strange woman with an even stranger past. Any who live near the market place can tell you that she has been widowed twice even though she is only 28, and that sometimes objects in her store change location within the time frame of one browsing of the store. All of those same people will say that they have gone into the store several times, despite being strangely afraid of it.

Armian Randolf
Owner of the music store on the Plaza Market Place, “Arms” Marches to the beat of a drum nobody else can hear. literally. People often see him playing a guitar that doesn’t exist, even though there are real ones all over his store. His store is closed every 10 days, on which days he sits outside his storefront and plays and sings his songs, which are actually quite good. People like to come listen to him and tip his performance on those days.

Cassandra Regal
Plucky owner of the beutique on the Plaza Market Place. she prides herself in her hair styling and her all-knowing wisdom. Her friends are never in want of information about the goings on in Ultros, both everyday and far-fetched. If she trusts you, she’ll believe whatever you have to say, and never trust her to keep a dirty little secret.

Faris Gypson
A haggard old coot with a snakey tongue and a peg leg. He is the City’s Premier taxidermist. He will stuff and mount anything you would like him to. And he’ll enjoy it almost a creepy amount. If you bring him an animal and only want part of it, he’ll ask to keep the remaining carcus for his own use. Though his intentions are unknown. His Strange attire have lead folks around the city to believe that he may, in fact, be a Pirate or former pirate.


NPC Cache: Ultros

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