Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Mortimur's Return
July 6, Startence 51

The Party Arrived in Chandris, Acting Capitol of the Twin Moon Islands, In the middle of the War’s End Festival. The Festival Celebrated the end of the long war with Malachia. The streets filled with kiosks full of all sorts of merchandise, and offering prizes for games won. Amidst the fun The group saw a glimpse of an old Dwarfish friend. Following him, Callan, Cassandra, and Raikoh were able to help him defeat a monster lurking above the City.

Encounter XP: 250

Family Matters
(June 29th), startence 41-48

The Party reached Judson one member short. there, they discovered that Everett’s Aunt and Uncle, as well as three cousins. Because their Ship wasn’t set to leave until the 48th, they settled down at the Avery Inn. During their time in the city, while investigating the Earthquake, they ran across rumors of a ‘creature’ from another world, which had been captured. Everett promply saved said creature and carried her to the health clinic. Meanwhile, Callan and Kitsure each had their own adventures. Kitsure was granted the opportunity to participate in a magical ability assessment by the Greater Malachian Academy of Judson. Callan, on the other hand, Discovered a very finely crafted weapon that he wanted. In exchange for it, he went on a small quest with Everett to slay a monster who’s hide could be used to make amazing armor. The creature they saved, Ta’Nak, unexpectedly chose to aid them on this endeavor, meanwhile Cassandra and Raikoh competed in a party tournament at the Fighters Guild. after all was said and done, the group all got on the ship, The Seventh Swell, on the way to the Twin Moon Islands.

Encounter XP: 350

Magical Mystery Tour
(July 18), Startence 40

The Group, assisted by Firion, Set out to save the captured Callan and Lirian. The latter of which was nowhere to be found. They traversed Shersha, the Earth Plane, Royella, the Water plane, and Chronosvera, The Plane of change, in order to get to Fardark, where Callan was being held.

Meanwhile, Callan was able to wrestle out of his bonds, and even make a new friend on his escape, but do to his lack of manly strength, his poor friend was taken from him. Rip C-12.

so, Callan was saved and the group returned to Alnora.

Encounter XP: 350
Participation XP: 650
Participating party member XP: 1000
Absentee XP: 350

Caller in the Water, or, REPENT!!!
(June 4th), startence 39

Hokay, so, there was a creepy lady in the water, and some of you killed her, finding all the lost people to be taxidermied. creepy. meanwhile batman and robin callan and lirian went to the elemental plane of earth, and found out that the great circle had, indeed effected the world. They were captured before Firion could pull them out of the other dimension. Now it seems like the remainder of the party will have to go in and search for them.

Encounter XP: 350
Participation XP: 860
Participating Member XP: 1210
absent Member XP: 350

(May 25th)Startence 29-38

The group went (grudgingly) on another mission for Mr. Dursey and his associates. You found yourselves in Taran, searching for missing people, and following Clues left by yourselves without your knowledge. They led you to the mayor’s house, where you found a secret passage down to the Blue Stripes’ hideout. You’d heard that the Blue Stripes was being manipulated by the Great Ring in some way, but it was vague. in one of the chambers, you encountered Two Blue Stripes members, who silently permitted you entry under the understanding that you were there to defeat the Great Ring operatives that had done something to their Boss. Not long after, you found your way into a vent above the meeting room overhearing that the Town had been time locked, repeating the same day for seven days. You had left the clues for yourselves the previous day(s?). The Glowing blue figure who was using the mayor’s body, escorted the three important people out of the room, and through a portal on the wall. When you followed you found the Great Ring President and advisors to be Stopped in time, and the Glowing blue man to be sitting on a throne of sorts. He introduced himself as the Time Wizard, and said that the Fools in the Great Ring had no idea the kind of havoc he would soon wreak on the world. Your party defeated him, with his weak old body, and the blue mist left him and dissappeared, leaving you in the room with the unconscious leaders of the Great Ring, and four tanks of strange blue gas.

Encounter XP: 400
Participation XP: 1000
Present Member XP: 1400
Absent Member XP: 400

Dead men do, infact, tell tales
(May 7th), Startence, 25

the group arrived at the craftsman’s guild with several other like-minded warriors, just to be attacked by the persons offering the job. After some awkward discussion, the party agreed to go on the rescue mission. Following instructions laid down by Mr. Dursey, The group was met with a small band of lizardfolk, a race of sentient reptiles said to live in the mountains of malachia. After being initially denied entry, one of Dursey’s henchmen, named Roland, arrived to ‘help’ but only proved to instigate the lizardfolk into attacking the party. After a brief battle the party killed the lieutenant and the underlings scattered. The party continued on, one of them dragging the lieutenant lizardfolk behind him.

As they searched the mountain trail, a tower appeared before them. It was obsidian black and ominous. They approached it and were ushered inside. The tower turned out to be a relic from the Third age, still reaking with the wasted lives of the great war. The party successfully defeated the Warden and released the spirits from their unrest. The words “Thank you” are now carved into the rock at the party’s feet, and it is hour 27 durring the night of the 25th of Startence. 80th year of the 5th age.

Encounter XP: 360
Participation XP: 400
Present member XP: 760
Absent member XP: 360

Hare Today, gone in the morning

The Party was transported to a new world via magical crystaline eggs. You fought to save an opressed race from annihilation, entering their sacred shrine to their god firth, and finding your way to the hall of firth, where the Lycans were supposed to be based. When you arrived you found that all the lycans had already been killed and you followed the bloody trail to a dark tunnel in the wall, which led to a secret chamber holding what seemed to be a giant egg. There you encountered a blood-caked Lapruni who declaired his vengence on the lycan and jumped into the liquid at the base of the egg. The Egg hatched a strange rabbit-chicken monster who attacked you. You defeated the monster and returned victorious to the capital of the Lapruni where you were heralded as heroes and offered food, drink, and anything else you desired. Then you were returned to your own happy little world.

Encounter XP: 675
Participation XP: 600

Tutorial Sessions


Tutorial sessions are the preliminary sessions meant for feeling out characters and party dynamics. Deaths will not result in in-character death during the tutorial, but will have other consequences. Bonus XP is awarded for attendance at Tutorial sessions, as they are optional. Encounter XP will be granted to all party members regardless of attendance.

[1 – Airship Safety]

While on board the airship Legacy, the Group neutralized the Elves (and one human) who attempted to bring the airship down into the Acid Sea. A motivation for their actions could not be found, and the captain had little knowledge of their possible motivation. The captain rewarded you for your services, and later asked if you could help out with a problem plaguing the Air ship port in Ultros. You agree to help him.

Whole Party XP: 575

[2 – Crawling out of the woodwork]

Upon arriving in Ultros, you were introduced by the captain to Admiral Garrick. He requested your assistance in a ‘vermin problem’ their storage corridors were being taken over by large spiders. You promptly eradicated those spiders. From chests in the storage rooms, Callan lifted A cloak which seemed to call to him slightly, and an amulet. Upon returning you were rewarded by Garrick and received his calling card, for possible future missions regarding Airship protection. Among other things.

Whole Party XP: 666

[3 – The Greater of Two Evils]

Everett and Mortimur Participated in games at the Fight Guild. Mortimur won second place in the Armed sparing event, and Everett won first in the Brawling strap Competition, become champion after defeating the Half-Orc Grogrosh. The Guild’s activities were halted when an explosion opened up a hole in the Floor. Mysterious armored men as well as a strange monster climbed out of the hole. While the group was dealing with the enemies, the firey monster kidnapped Sergio Cavana, The Chairman of the Fighter’s Guild. Grogrosh Dove in after them, as did the rest of the party (some after discussion of rewards for bringing back Sergio alive).

Everett dashed around the caverns, attempting to locate Sergio and the pursuing Grogrosh, and the party followed him around, fighting encounters that he avoided. Coming to an apex they encountered an intelligent treasure box, which told them that, for a price, he would tell them which direction their targets had gone. After much squabbling with the box, they settled on giving it just a fraction of the gold it had specified, and 3 hours later they discovered they’d been deceived at the end on a long hallway. 2 deceptive boxes later they found themselves in a room with Two dead enemies and grogrosh, who had died. Cave-ins prevented them from moving forward, so they went back the way they’d come. It was late, so they returned to their respective rooms for the night.

Whole Party XP: 620

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