Alnora's Lore

The Tree of Life

Said to be The first living thing created, its leaves are supposed to make a tea that will heal injuries no other medicine can heal. But the fruit is said to cause blindness and in some cases, madness.

The Alter of Avignol

Deep in the southern forests there is a knoll, and in this knoll there is an alter. Once many years ago the Creator, Fol, would be incarnated here to live among his people in the form of an Elf.

The Stair of Unduloin

A single stairway rising into the northern mountains. It is so long it is said that no one has ever ascended them to their height. Most die along the way, or turn back. What awaits those who reach the top is lost to common lore.

The Four

In the center of the continent, near the outskirts of the city of Fermolin, there are four colossal statues. They were given to the Elves by the human High priests after the end of the 3rd age. An enchantment was placed on the statues so that their eyes will always follow the sun. There is a Dwarf, a Man, an Elf, and the fourth is a half elf.

Alnora's Lore

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