Class Adjustments

Existing class Adjustments

Rangers and Fighters are now proficient with Phase Rifles
Rangers and Rogues are now proficient with Phase pistols
Rangers, fighters, and rogues are now proficient with the Bladebow


The ranger can now choose Dual Phase Pistols as his Combat Style. He is considered to have Two Weapon Fighting at second level, even if he doesn’t have the requisites for the feat. When he achieves Improved Combat Style, he is treated as having the feat Manyshot. And When he achieves Combat Style Mastery he gains the Greater Two Weapon Fighting feat, even if he does not have the prerequisites for the feat.

at 7th level, he also gains the special feature “crowd walking” This allows him to move at normal pace even in crowds of people where it would normally impede movement.


The Sorcerer and Wizard are no longer able to use Transmutation type spells, as this particular school of magic has been long lost to time. In addition, in order to learn a spell or add it to their spell book they must first find a scroll for it or be taught it directly.

Class Adjustments

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