Dur Lithel's lore

The Eye of Brignol

“In the northernmost reaches of the Dwarfish kingdom, there is an area of land called Brignol. Above brignol there are constantly swirling clouds, which produce a steady, constant thunder storm. The Dwarfs living here spend much of their time below ground, fearing that the storm’s origins may make the water harmful is some way; or make the lightning that much more accurate.”

The Mines of Hyundun

“The mines are occupied by such haenous beasts that even the Dwarfs stay away from it. The master of these beasts summons evil to him, and Dwarfs of lesser will have fallen into his entreat. they have formed a settlement outside the mines where they worship and make offerings to the beast that dwells in the mines.”

The Valley of Kragmorg

“The Valley wherein the tombs of many kings and noble dwarfs of valor and high honor are carved out of these rocks, but something has been said to sleep here other than the bloodlines of the Dwarfs.”

Dur Lithel's lore

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