Common Knowledge

Eidolons are mysterious forces which sometimes choose to affect our world. Some are benevolent and some are Malicious. But All are to be feared.

Learned Knowledge

Eidolons are creatures of the Etherplane, Forsaking a single plane to become creatures of Energyscape itself. They ride the tides of the Ether, caught in a forever battle of Harmony against Chaos. They sometimes effect our world, and on certain occasions, we affect theres. The Harmonious Eidolons Serve to attempt to quell problems, and yet to let what must happen happen. Usually the only dissasters they attempt to curtail are ones caused by their Chaotic Counterparts, Vicious creatures whose only motivation is to upset the natural order of things. It is unknown how Eidolons are made, or to know their exact numbers, but some resemble creatures documented living on our own plane.

Eidolons (known of by party members)

Most known Eidolons


Known primarily for his Beauty, Rei is the most documented Eidolon, Once said to have made a Pact of Summoning with the King of Alnora during the time of the Great Malachian War.


Siira is the most mysterious of the known Eidolons, She(?) is always told to be a stern, but benevolent force. She primarily gives advice and rarely makes pacts with the residents of Alnoir.


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