Agile Climbing
You are adept at Climbing.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on climb checks. In addition, you do not lose your Dexterity Bonus to AC when Climbing.

Greater Agile Climbing
You are rediculously adept at Climbing.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Climb checks (in addition to the +2 you get from the Agile Climbing Feat). In addition, The armor check penalty you would normally recieve when Climbing in Armor is reduced by 2.
Prerequisite: Agile Climbing

Your attacks deal more damage.
Benefit: When Inflicting Damage, Consider your strength to be two points higher than it actually is.
Prerequisite: str 13, Power Attack or Improved Unarmed Strike
extra: The effects of this feat do not stack with the Weapon Specialization or Greater weapon specialization feats.

Pull your Punch
You Can pull your attack to save your opponent from certain death.
Benefit: When Attacking with a weapon with which you have Weapon Focus, If your attack would normally put your enemy below 0 hit points, you can choose to pull your attack and take the enemy down to exactly -1 hit point. They are considered in stable condition, and are not bleeding to death.
prerequisite: Dex 15, Weapon Focus
Extra: If you wish to use this effect on a Crital Hit, you must make a Concentration Check (DC 10 + your Base Attack Bonus) In order to succeed. This does not work on Undead or Incorporial type creatures.

Cover Ally
You can take damage for a nearby ally.
Benefit: During an enemy’s turn, if an enemy is attacking an ally creature within your reach, you can make a reflex save to attempt to cover that creature. A successful save means you take the damage from the enemies attack. A failed save means the intended target takes the damage, and you prevoke an attack of opportunity as well. The Save is 10+attacker’s attack bonus.
Prerequisite: Dex 15


Adjustment: When Calculating the number of Hit points you gain as a result of using the Toughness Feat, It is equal to one half your Hit Die, + your Con Modifier.


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