First of All, the Term ‘Age’ applied to spans of time and are usually separated by major events or inventions. The first ‘Age’ started at the advent of two major aspects. First was that the oldest written records survive from this time. The second is that the sea was reportedly Acidic beginning in this age.

Pre-Acidic Alnoir

This section of history is detailed only by elven legends and human mythology. It first speaks of how the land was formed by the Creator, each arm performing it’s assigned task. During this time the Seas that separated the island nations was passable by many forms of transport.

As the Elves remember, their lands were first attacked by the armies of men, and The men’s legends of conquest detail similar events. There were many bloody battles, but the elves eventually managed to push the invaders away. And it is said that when both parties mounted their ships for a final confrontation in the acid sea, their ships all sank and the crews all perished. from that point onward, no object crafted by the hand could traverse the sea of Gallidor.

The First Age – 100 years

The first age was the age of peace, for there was no way for way for fights between the races to occur. The races prospered, and in time they forgot about each other. However, an inventor of the elves who’s name is lost to time, created a magic which could hold much weight suspended in the air. He used his discoveries to create the first airships. The first age ended when he used his first airship to cross the seas and documented the world as it was then. This volume remains intact within the great elven library.

The Second Age – 200 years

the second age began as an Age of discovery. Airships were created in mass, and people began traveling to far-off places. Encountering new races and experiences. However, it was much like the first time they’d met, and no sooner had the humans acquired their own airships did they seek to create settlements on the other islands. At first this was peacable. the Elves had much land that was unaccounted for, and though they did not agree with the human’s control over their environment, they were open to the new experience. However, it wasn’t long before the humans’ expansion interfered with the elves’ lives, and negotiations broke down.

As for the Dwarfs, the humans attempted to reason land from them as well, but every advance was blocked with full Dwarfish force. They found favorable trading partners with the Elves, who were just different enough to not be a bother, and who could offer finely crafted goods stylistically apart from the Dwarfs.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the wars to begin. They were large scale wars, many times there were fights in the sky over the acid sea and neither vessel could make the trip home. The Airship magic was put to more grizzly uses, and the Elvish king at the time could not stand the bloodshed any longer. The next day there was no soul who remembered how to create the magic that gave airships flight. Nor were their records of it. All personnel and records were gone from existence. not even the king was to be found. This event was the end of the recorded Second Age.

The Third Age – 250 years

The Third age is one of the longer lasting ages, and spans the time that the continent of Malachia Was attempting to unite the world under one rule. Their greed and malice nearly destroyed the world. This war lasted 200 years, and was only stopped when the last airship was sank into the acid sea.

This age, though one of the bloodiest, was ironically also one of the best for the mingling of races. Humans would flee the militaristic Malachia for the other nations. The twin moon islands became host to every race imaginable, and became a quick center of racial mingling. During this era Half-Elves became more prominent to the point of becoming a race in their own right. The Age ended a few years after the last war-bound airship was destroyed. A Wizard’s apprentice by the name of Lathus, using the last airship, which was an old party-size ship, to traverse the skies and establishing a new method of transportation, The Elegy Gate. In each continent was erected an Elegy gate, and beside it a monument stating the names of all those lost in the war.

The Fourth Age – 150 years

The fourth age was the first real age of peace since the first airships had been created. The Elegy gates could transport only one person at a time, and were placed in the heart of major cities. Thus, using them to transport troops was nearly impossible. This was in their design. Many things slackened during this time, as prosperity reigned and the arts flourished. A series of thoughtful Malachian Emperors helped progress as well, and bygones became bygones. This Age is greatly associated with an emphasis on learning and development, as many magical conveniences were created during this time. However, Malachia’s sciences would soon out-weigh the magics of old. And slowly but surely the old arts began to die. The invention of the Steam Driver by one Dustin Everhart and his brother Justyn Everhart was the last nail in the coffin for both this age and the peace that made it so nice.

The Current Age – 120 years-now

This has been the age of innovation and change. The technological advancements of Malachia’s Everharts as well as others made old teachings obsolete. It took a remarkably small amount of time for the world to lose track of itself. A hard line has been created between those with traditional views and those with vision for the future. Though no physical skirmishes have occurred, many believe these factions are on warring terms.

More dangerous, however is the growing rift between men of power and those that work beneath them. The few and the many are no longer on civil terms either. And Progress is pushing previously silent beasts into action. The world’s mysteries are being threatened, and the dangers that were once content to lurk in the dark are being stirred.

oblivious as always, the people living under the prow of luxury see nothing beyond tomorrow’s meal.


Good Wishes for Tomorrow Firion