Learning a new language

You begin the game knowing a few Racial Languages, As well as bonus Languages equal to one per intelligence modifier. If you have intelligence points to spare but don’t have a reason for your character to know any extra languages, you can save them for later.

If you wish to learn a new language but do not have the intelligence modifier for it, You can expend Skill Points to learn the language. To learn a language fluently you must expend a total of 3 Skill points, however It does not have to be an all-or-nothing process. You learn a language to varying degrees depending on the amount of skill points you have invested in the language. Keep track of your language process in the Language section of your character sheet. Keep track of the skill points you’ve invested in languages in the skill section in a blank space, write language, and in ranks, the number of skill points you have spent on languages total.

  1. A general knowledge of the language
  2. Fluency in writing the language down, or understanding it writen, mediocre at comprehending or participating in speech
  3. Fluency in the Language

No Skill checks are required once you master a language fully, but Listen Checks and decipher script checks are required before fluency is obtained. These checks are modified by the ranks you have invested in the language itself.

The total number of languages you can know is equal to 3+ your int modifier.

Learning a new language

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