The inn-keeper looks up from his daily scroll, and addresses you warily. “you’d like to know what information I have? The world is old, its flesh is thick and deep. It remembers. The hearts of dwarfs, of elves, and of men have seeped into the crevices, and affected the darkness that lingers in the corner of your eye. Long-lived malice creeps beneath the surface of the world’s foundation, and above it dwells a different kind of evil.

“There is power in emotions. The emotions of the planet, and of the people, and of the souls that have been lost to great turmoil. And there is power in memory. Their stories continue to affect our own, as though through the force of some greater will. As the great Fol is the creator, it is we, the living, who are the destroyers. We are at constant odds with the world of creation. With the very ground beneath our feet.

“There have been rumors of late. Dark tides on the waters. What would you like to hear?”

* “Tell me about Malachia’s rumors”
*"Is there anything strange going on in Cat’ll?"
* “Do you have any knowledge of Alnora’s Lore?”
* “What about dwarfs? do they have rumors?”
*"Are there rumors about other places in the world?"


Good Wishes for Tomorrow Firion