Maela is a kingdom on the continent of Cattol. Maela is a matriarchal society that arose a few decades after the fall of the Malachian Army at the end of the War of Malachian Conquest. When the Malachites began their conquest, Cattol was the first continent to fall to their rule. The conquest was not a bloody one, but a political one. The Maelites, also a primarily human country, were Patriarchal as the Malachians were and were at the time very reliant on Malachian support. They were engaged in a bloody war themselves with a northern power on the continent and received large amounts of weapons and man power from their brothers in Malachia. When the Malachian war began, however, The Malachian monarchy demand complete surrender and control of Maela in exchange for their continued support. Maela had no choice but to accept these terms.

Malachian rule over the Kingdom was, as it was in their own kingdom, militaristic and Male-dominant. The oppression of women put alot of pressure on the already unstable government. When the Malachian power fell, it’s various stewardships lost much of their power, and during this time, it was the women of Maela who rose up against their decades of oppression. They replaced the monarchy with a Matriarchal one, and abolished Male rule.

So devout are the Maelites to their concept of Matriarchy, that their queen never marries. instead, She may take several male consorts in order to produce Heirs.

Every aspect of their culture is pervaded by female dominance. Their workforce, military, and Management are led entirely by women. In the palace, a special herb has been created which dramatically increases the odds of conceiving a female child. A queen may bear as many as seven daughters, one of which will be named Heir, and the rest will take influential positions among the other branches of society. Many courtly women are trained in combat, the arts, and science. Their Magitech – a marriage of science and magic that has no rival on the plane of Alnoir, is one of their chief sources of pride.

The Maelite military has three branches –
The Valkirim – The Valkirim are the airborne warriors of the Maelite Military. They function as scouts, and as cavalry. The Valkirim ride elegant winged steeds known as Valkirine (hence the name)
The Rosettea – Also known as the Rose Guard, The Rosettea is the queen’s personal guard. They protect the palace grounds, as well as patrol the capitol city, keeping an ever-vigilant eye out for danger to the crown.
The Gaelim – The Gaelim – literally ‘Swift as the wind’ in their language, is the main body of the Maelite military force, Garrisoned in every corner of the kingdom, and heavily along the boarders.
Each serves a different purpose to the Kingdom

The Constellarion – The constellarion is the greatest magitech marvel of the age. Using the magics of scrying and transportation, as well as the knowledge of constellations, the constellarion is capable of transporting all occupants of the ‘hall of stars’ to another point on the planet, based on which stars can be seen in that part of the globe.

Runic Weaponry and Armor – The Maelites invented a kind of light-weight armor and weapons which can absorb and re-direct magical energy.

Ariships – the Maelites, with their capitol city floating in the sky, have developed fast and efficient airships which are controlled by magical energy.


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