Malachian Cities

Ultros City, Malachia

The Capitol of Malachia. It is a city built on top of another city built on top of an ancient kingdom. People hoping for the best lives possible are holed up in the compartments like sardines. Hygiene isn’t even in the vocabulary. The streets are filled with people walking to and fro. Gangs fight on all levels for supremacy, taking every penny that one might let too lose. And at the tippy top, the ones who hold the leashes sit in lavish, comfortable homes. Here you will find foul beasts, but none fowler than the beings in charge of the big top.

The Emperor, seeing only the progress reports that pile up on his desk, dreams of better times, and is merely a figurehead for the councilmen who profit from the City’s advancements and the citizens who make them possible. Cunning and wit are the two greatest weapons here, next to the sheer force to take what you want without asking.


Ultros is built into the surface of one of the largest mountains in Malachia, and is fortified, since ancient times, with huge walls of Brick, mortar, and Steel. The old city was built upon and added to within the fortified area from The ancient war, but when the capacity ran out, They began building outside the city. The walls that used to fortify the city against invaders now separate it’s high and low social classes. High society existing within the walls of the capitol, and the lower citizens without.

Judson, Malachia

To the far south of Malachia is Judson, home of Alcor, Who was the first person to cross the acidic sea in an airship. Judson is the primary gathering point for people who want to learn about, or be a part of the aviation projects of Malachia. One of the Council members of Ultros holds supervision over this city and all it’s spoils. He, however, is a generous man who uses his position to benefit the people in some small way. Because of this, Judson is a socially prosperous city, one of the few in Malachia.

Starten, Malachia

Starten is the suburban shadow of Ultros. Many innovations perfected in Ultros remain imperfect in Starten. Because of it’s proximity to Ultros, It’s residents are usually those that want the benefits of living near to Ultros, without the difficulties of living IN Ultros. It is located at the Base of MT. Ultrosa, and reaps the benefits of the river that flows down from the mountain’s summit.

Taran, Malachia

The City of Taran is located in the center of Malachia, along the banks of the Ultrosa River. It’s about Two Days’ Walk along the river from Ultros or Starten. The people of Taran are kind and humble, for the most part. There is a resident Gang, only one, called the Blue Stripes. It’s existence has become so engrained in society that the Gang’s custom Outfits are available in stores. It is impossible to tell who is an actual gang member and who is not. The Gang is full of people who only wish to do good things, an equally as full of people who only wish to do bad things. The City is nestled against the Ultrosa river, The people live in close two-to-three story houses. The City is old and so the layout of the city uses old sensibilities. People here don’t mind being old-fashioned. Many feel that Starten and Ultros, among other cities, are trying too hard.

The City is known foremost as the Leading producer of Pipeweed in Malachia. Taran Pipeweed is the most expensive, yet refined pipeweed in all the world, so it is said.

Kalm, Malachia

Kalm is located on the thickest part of the Ultrosa River. It is a small town with few conveniences, with many small farms encircling it’s center. Each of the farms are family owned, and they supply most of the foods, and many of the goods, that are sold throughout the rest of Malachia.

Drake City, Malachia

Drake is one of the few shore-side towns in Malachia, located near the southern tip of the continent. It’s Cliff-side harbor is nearly-abandoned and used by Ultros to test various military advances. The City itself houses many military officials, and is a quiet place to live. Due to it’s high population of military officers, and ex-military officers, it is safe and sterile, to the point of almost corrupting it.


A barren desert to the north of Malachia. It is Cradled by a ring of Mountains that continues on to frame the continent’s Eastern shore. The people who do manage to make it out of this place are toughened by the experience. There has been some thought about an effort to capitalize on the land that is unused out there, but no solid plans have been made.


MT. Ultrosa is the largest mountain in the Malachian Mountain range. It’s nooks and crags have provided tactical advantage to the dwellers of the continent for ages. The majority of the mountain folk have since moved down into the more developed society on the plains, or into Ulros, but there are still many villages located in the mountains. Ruins of old societies long past also exist here. Remnants of the ‘foremen’, a civilization that is said to have existed before the first ages, also lies nestled in these mountains. The few who study ancient civilizations and ways are still exploring the hewn stone caverns.


THE Ultos reservoir is a large dam creating a man-made lake out of one of the wider sections of the Ultrossa River. There are a few buildings nearby, as the area is a popular get away from the hustle of Ultros, and many people who are in the favor of wealth will visit this place once a year or so to replenish themselves. Extended stays are uncommon, however, and there is a guard constantly posted to ward off monsters from the mountains.

Malachian Cities

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