Malachian Lore

The Spire

“Long ago during the great war, there was a terrible prison located in the mountains of Malachia. It stood erect, a large tower rising out of the mountainside. Prisoners were torchered for information, beaten for the enjoyment of the depraved Malachian soldiers. It is said that at the end of the war, when defeat seemed imminent, the insane warden released a poisonous fume throughout the entire spire, killing himself, the inmates, and even the guards and other staff. By the reckoning of most the place must be cursed. Filled with souls still chained to the walls. The spirits keep their territory. Violently.”

The World Beneath

“The network of caverns and catacombs that seems to be directly beneath the capitol of Malachia, extends the length and breadth of the continent. Noone knows when they originated, but most believe they remain there from before the first age, and that evil sleeps below them that transcends the limits of imagination.”

The Throne ages

“The city of Malachia is old, and it’s castle is one of the oldest places in the world. There are still places in the palace which have never been ventured into. Still doors that haven’t been entered since the nether days. A whisper in the walls speaks of a dormant presence beneath the stone floors.”

The Mariner

“A ghost or perhaps an after image of the restless human explorers of the seas. Takes the shape of a vessel floating on the acid sea. It has been seen from the shores, circling bays of long deceased nations, as if looking for home. It has never been known to dock, or even come close enough to shore to make out a name or if figures even still man it.”

Malachian Lore

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