The Majorly accepted religion of the world focuses around the creator, Fol. He formed the world and holds constant influence over it, using his many arms to tend the land and keep the world in check. Patrons generally choose an ‘arm’, that is, a specific aspect, of the Creator to which they pay homage. The Arms of Fol are as follows.

Fol is a prudent god, who never lets material go to waste, as such, it is said that all souls are eventually recycled into the world, and that sometimes when the world grows to populated; too full of souls, that Fol will take it upon himself to equalize the population. This notion has both explained and justified wars in the past.


Arm of power, patroned by fighters and men of strength. It is associated with Strength of Will, but also with Discord and Chaos. Those who receive his blessing are usually opposed to the world’s definition of the Law.


Arm of Harmony. Patroned by Men of faith and law. Generally associated with Justice and equivalence, but also with patience and understanding. Alnora is in charge of maintaining the planet’s health, and is often credited with turning the Acid sea Acidic.


Arm of the West, Associated with music and travel. Restlessness of body and mind. Also embodies the Elemental force of the Wind. Patroned by poets and dreamers as well as travelers and merchants.


Arm of the East, Associated with Impulsiveness and action. What you can do tomorrow you can do twice today. Embodied by the Elemental force of Fire. Patroned by activists and fast-talkers.


Arm of the North, Associated with timelessness and Knowledge, but also with sloth and acceptance. With the passage of time comes acceptance of change. Patroned by Lore seekers and learned men of plenty. Embodied by the Elemental force of Water.


Arm of the South. Associated with Pride and Expectation. Patroned by the Dwarfs and men of power. They make their environments and situations work for them. Embodied by Earth and Stone.


Arm of growth. Associated with innocence and goodwill. It’s patrons are known for their love unconditional. Patroned by Caretakers and men of high faith. Embodied by Plants and Living things.


Arm of Happenstance. Associated with Risk taking and durable personalities. Patroned by Gamblers and entrepreneurs. Often times associated with Luck and Chance, but also assertiveness and recklessness. Embodied by a blank slate, ready to be hammered into any shape, but retain it’s inherent qualities.


Arm of Endurance. Associated with prudence and self-control. Patroned by many Common men, as the entity that ensures that work’s load will bear work’s fruit. Associated with fickleness, but also with strong family values and placing value in things above the material. Embodied by Hammer and Axe, tools of the worker.


Arm of the Arcane and Primal laws of the world. All that flows beneath the noses of the scheming masses. Associated most strongly with death and misfortune, it also symbolizes the end and possible beginning. strongly shrouded in mystery.


Good Wishes for Tomorrow Firion