This is a list of skills exclusive to my campaign. Some are subskills for knowledge or craft skillset, but others will go in the ‘other’ blank under your skills.

knowledge (underworld)

The knowledge underworld skill works as any other knowledge skill. Based on your roll in a given situation you will understand or know information that might be useful to the party. Gypsies and Rogues gain a +2 circumstantial bonus to Knowledge (underworld).


The seduction ability is modified by the Charisma Modifier. This skill allows you to prostitute yourself for a night. You announce when you are using this skill and the DM will roll a d20. The result of the roll determines both the status of person to whom you have solicited your services, and inevitably how much gold you will receive for the evening. The skill modifier will be added to the result along with your character level. The result x 100 GP is the amount you are awarded for your services.

(Example: A level 4 character with a 5 modifier in Seduction rolls a 14. 45+14 = 2300 gold for the night.)

Using seduction on a specific target.

You can use the Seduction skill to attempt to solicit your services to a selected individual. If the individual is an NPC then the skill DC will depend on their status (listed below). If you are attempting to seduce a Player character, it is generally up to the player character and the DM to decide what the character’s success DC would be, as different characters have different resistances to seduction. NPCs are also liable to change to the DM’s discretion. Usually in specific seduction situations, the reward for services is something other than simply gold, regardless, it will likely be stated specifically in context.

Status/Success DC

lecherous commoner/8
Ordinary commoner/10
lecherous merchant/12
ordinary merchant/14
lecherous officer (police or otherwise)/16
ordinary officer/18
lecherous politician/15
honest politician/20

Profession: Exhibition Fighter

An Exhibition fighter fights for money. In a Town where the Fighter’s Guild is present (or equivalent arena situation) You can use this skill once per day to attempt to make money fighting. A successful Skill check results in you winning the prize money for a tournament that day. Your DM may deny you the use of this skill in the event that there is no such tournament or other outlet for the use of this skill on a given day. The DC is 12 for 3rd place, 15 for second place, and 18 for first place. The prize money will be dependent on the particular city which you are exhibiting in. A fighter or Brawler gets a +2 circumstantial bonus making skill checks in this skill for every 3 fighter or brawler levels they have (max +4).

Use Mechanical Item

This Skill functions similarly to the use magic device skill from the PHB, only for mechanical items and machinery. This skill is modified by the Intelligence score.

There will be times in-game that it is crucial that your party make use of any mechanical devices that might be located in the area. For this you will roll a Use Mechanical Item Check. There are generally three possible outcomes to using a mechanical device. Either you will successfully use the device, or you will not, and sometimes, failure will result in an unfortunate backfire that may inflict damage to you or the device you are attempting to use. For instance, say that unlocking a door is a DC 20 skill check. It might have a second DC of 10 for avoiding the backfire of failing. That means that even if you don’t make the 20 DC to open the door, as long as your roll is above 10 you avoid the ensuing explosion. Not all mechanical objects have backfire chances, but a score 10 or lower will automatically provoke a backfire on a given device if it has one.

Using a Mechanical weapon

Sometimes you will encounter mounted mechanical weaponry or devices which are meant to cause damage, and you will desire to use it against your enemies. You will first roll a use mechanical item check to see if you can figure out how to use the weapon at all, and then you must roll your attack and damage.

Learning from using mechanical items

Most mechanical items will have a 3rd DC included in the roll that you make. This DC will be the learn DC. If you make this roll, not only do you successfully operate the device, but you will not have to make the same roll again with that specific object. You will also gain a +4 circumstantial bonus to similar devices in the future (‘similar’ defined by DM discretion on a given device). A natural 20 counts as successful learning, even in the event that the DC for the skill is above 20.

As a class skill

Use Mechanical Item is a class skill for the following classes:

Rogue, Fighter, Marksman, and Twin Blade.

Skill Synergy

5 or more ranks in Disable Device or open lock grant a +4 circumstantial bonus to this skill. They do not stack.


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