The Cardinal Stones


The Cardinal Stones are 12 stones that represent the 12 Cardinal aspects of Life. The Cardinals were first contrived by the Promethians – The first intellectuals of Malachia. In the Promethia Grove in the Verdent South of Malachia stands a tree inscribed with the 12-pointed star that became the crest of the Promethians. The 12 pointed star is actually two interlocking six-pointed stars which represent the Cardinal aspects of the Body and the Cardinal aspects of the Spirit. Together they form the ‘Matrix of Life’.

It is unclear when the Cardinal Stones first came into being; whether they were a result or cause of the Promethian Matrix. However, they have come to be identified heavily with the promethians and their philosophy.

These are the 12 Cardinals and the Stones they beget.

Cardinals of the Body
Passion – The Phoenix Stone
Thought – The Inspiration Stone
Deviance – The Shadow Stone
Resonance – The Dragonfly Seal
Gluttony – The Feymark
Abstinance – The Optic of Celebacy

Cardinals of the Spirit
Command – The Summoner’s Heart
Faith – Luna’s Tear
Deliverance – The Maiden Stone
Subservience – The Squire’s Wrist
Wish – The Wishing Star
Fear – The Sunshard

The Cardinal Stones

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