The Energyscape

This is a record of how the energyscape was laid down by the creator Fol in the time before ancient times.

Fabric of Existence
Think of the fabric of reality as a sort of empty space. But then into that empty space is released several pulsing strands of Energy. These ‘pulses’ each carry with them a profound abundance of a certain kind of energy, different from the others. In the places where these Strands of Energy converge upon one another, The immense profundity materializes into an object, sentient, that can make decisions on it’s own. These are the planes as we reckon them. Born from the Etherpulses overlapping with one another. The Celestial Plane, Fol himself, acts as a beating heart, refreshing the pulses and sending them out again, both the end and the begining of the cycle.

Six Cardinal Pulses

ORDER:The Pulse of Order is also the pulse that brings stone and earth. It is the pulse of knowledge and responsibility as well

CHAOS: The Pulse of Chaos is also the Pulse that brings Fire and heat. It is this pulse that counter-balances Order’s discrepancy for change and deviance.

COMPASSION: The pulse of Compassion brings Water to the planes. It also brings grace and understanding, as well as freedom of thought.

LIFE: The pulse of Life brings Air to the planes, as well as reproduction and the need for companionship.

MISFORTUNE: The Pulse of Misfortune brings lightning to the Planes. It also brings, ofcourse, happenstance and misfortune. Without Misfortune, there are no highs and lows.

CHANGE: the Pulse of Change brings time and age to the planes. Planes without this pulse know not aging nor death.

Emotions carried on the pulse

The Planes Are comprised of the Energies provided by the Pulses that made them. Alnoir, The plane of Life, was created originally holding an equal amount of all the original Pulses, but not all Planes are so fortunate. There are planes that are deprived of access to certain emotions and objects taken for granted by the people of Alnoir. for only Two pulses interacting are required to produce life.

The pulses, like the veins in a person’s body, were disigned to flow in one direction only, setting out from fol to distribute their energies and then returning to be refreshed. Because of the flow of the pulses, it is possible for the actions and emotions on one world to be carried over to the next Ghosts of lives and interactions which effect the developement of the next plane on the pulse. Because of Alnoir’s placement, it can effect just about every other plane by it’s actions.

There have also been some instances where Lifeforms, going about their lives freely, come accross a new form of energy in themselves, and create a new pulse which holds their plane as it’s heart. One of these is MALICE Which originated from the Chaos Plane of Malfein, and then converged on Alnoir. the initial surege of this new energy created what is now called Malachia’s Great War, Malachia’s Campaign of conquest against the other races.

Alnoir is the origin of a new Energy as well. PROGRESS was born in Alnoir. The will for leaving the world in a different state than it was when you entered it. something that had always been happening, as is the nature of things, with new deliberacy, was now an energy all it’s own.

use and misuse of the pulses

The Planes outside of Alnoir have always been subject of fancy for those who understood them. Occassionally the pulses would bring creatures from other planes along for the ride, and their pressence was intriguing. It was thus discovered that it is possible to travel along the pulses from one plane to another, and back again, if you’re careful. But this process also has the effect of speeding up the effects one world has on another, and if misused can distort the balance between the flows of energies on the other planes.

The Energyscape

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