The Island Nations

The Island Nations

The World of Alnoir is comprised of several island nations that are separated by an acid ocean. this is a record of those Nations as they are now.

Malachian Empire

Malachia, originally the Continent of Men, is now the technological power of the world. Ever since the craftsman Dustyn Everhart and his younger brother Justyn invented a steam driver that functioned efficiently and cheaply, Their line has maintained a monotony on many technological advancements. The continent of Malachia’s political and economical standing skyrocketted so much that the Everhart family was officially merged into the Royal Family, and the sire of their line continues to hold a seat beside the emperor.

The current Malachian Emperor, Alphonse Malachi III, is only 26 years old, having taken the throne after his brother, Vacance Malachi XIII, Disappeared before his inauguration. His official decree is that Malachi is on peaceful terms with all other nations, but in truth their relations with the Dwarfish Capitol, Dur Lithel Auf, haven’t been well since he accidentally insulted their entire race. The Emperor, prone to misspeak, has been unable to quell the dispute, and the more competent advisors sense that the Emperor’s insult was treated as the guise for a much broader issue and that they are using the anger it created to move their people into action against Malachia.


Alnora, the capitol city of the elves, shares it’s name with the continent itself. The Eleven Council of the Elves have always been a neutral party in disputes between other nations. Since the Dwarfs refused to continue trade with Malachia, both sides have been going through Alnora to trade their goods. This has been helping Alnora’s economy and trade enormously.

Alnora is, as it has always been, a capitol of learning and reverence of natural powers. In order to adapt to the rigorous demands of a society living for the future and benefiting from the past, Alnora has had to compromise much to stay in the game. Their recent exposure to trade has caused and influx of radical minds who find great inspiration in the boughs of yesteryear.

One of Alnora’s chief institutions is the restoration and preservation of the past. Their Expeditions are welcomed across the nations as they excavate, transport, and preserve ancient sites to make more room for expansion of cities.

Dur Lithel

Dur Lithel is the continent of the Dwarfs. They are, as they have always been, masters of craft and architecture. Without their fine metal components, most of Malachia’s innovations are useless. Many are jealous of the monopoly that Malachia has on technology, and many dwarfs study and experiment with the hopes of inventing the next great source of energy and power.

The Dwarfs, as proud as ever, see the Malachians as howling hyenas who mooch off of the dwarfs who are doing the real work. The Dwarf king Ul’Marg always stands as a pillar of his people’s pride and strength. Therefore, leaving his love of piece to lay in wait in his quarters, he acts in the people’s wishes, seeking a solution that will keep war as far from his borders as possible.


Cat’ll technically falls under the Elfish rule. Their people have long had three of the Eleven seats of the Alnora Council. They share many of the same beliefs that the elves maintain, but have more drive to progress socially and economically. Their eccentric scientists create strange amalgams of old and new technology, and are the chief authority on old Magics in this new age.

However, only the northern part of Cat’ll Recognizes Elvish rule. South of the Pass of Brignol is located Orcshire, also known as the Badlands. The Badlands are breeding grounds for evil forces, though more than anything they like to keep to themselves. It is the ancesteral home of the Orcs, and also of Bugbears, and other like creatures.

Twin Moon Islands

The Twin Moon Islands have always been a hub of acceptance and uniqueness. Standing outside the realm of social boundaries. Their parliament fluctuates yearly and is selected random from it’s residents. As a liberal nation, it is known to house both friendly, and unsavory company. It claims no solid authority over those within it’s boarders.

The Twin Moons also have some of the most un-soiled historical sites in the world. The Archeological and Anthropological guild Keeps vigilent watch over it’s artifacts. Sometimes violently.

Telmas Islands

There is a collection of Islands off the shore of Malachia which is technically under Malachian rule. They are known as great vacation spots, with many ways to indulge the cardinal vices. The main (largest) Island, from which the islands draw their collective name, is restricted from public access and is said to house secret Empire experiments.


Kain is a mostly uninhabited island. It’s dense, dangerous forest has yet to be tamed by modernity, although there are plans to renovate it. Many people still hold that it is a sacred, terrible place that should be left to it’s own devices. It is not even accessible through Elegy Gates, only a brave soul on an Airship could make it to the island.

The Island Nations

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