Time and Calendar

This is an explanation of the Callendar of Alnoir.

A year (365 days earth time) is approximately 300 days in Alnoir. It is the same amount of hours as an Earth year, meaning the same amount of time passes, but the days are 29 hours long. The year is broken up into seasons, each containing 75 days, who’s names are derived from the arms of Fol that seem to be most productive during those times. What would be our Summer, is known as Startence. Our Winter is known as Sariace, Spring is Requalm and Fall is Phallonice. the year begins and ends between Requalm and Startence, Requalm marking the end of a year, and the first day of startence marking the new year.

Break down:

*Minute: 60 sec
*hour: 60 min.
*Day: 29 hrs
*season: 75 days
*year: 4 seasons, 300 days

Time and Calendar

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