Welcome to the Acid Sea, Adventurer!

Ages of the Acid Sea is the name given to my DnD campaigns existing within my fictional world of Alnoir. It takes place in a world separated by large bodies of acidic liquid, impassable by any craft constructed of any material known to current civilization. To traverse from one place to another, the use of Elegy Gates is necessary.

The current Campaign bears the subscript “Akhashic Legacy.” and is placed in an age of technological marvel and innovation. It’s entirely steampunk, as one might imagine knowing me, and several interesting additions have been made in the way of armor, weapons, classes, and technology beyond the core rulebooks of DnD 3.5. I hope that all those involved will enjoy the campaign as much as I am enjoying putting it together.

Malachia is quiet. As news of the demonic takeover and complete destruction of the old regime sweep across the globe, Many other continents, at the foremost Alnora, have stepped in to aid the rehabilitation, hoping that with their help Mankind might form a stronger, less corrupt regime. The Decided Heroes of the conflict, a Half-orc and an Elf lord, are of no help it seems. The Elf, known as Eldron, has disappeared, and T’kil, the half-orc, seems content to drink and maintain the sharpness of his fists. A man by the name of Durrel Dursey has taken over leadership of the people left in Ultros, and is the chief facilitator of Alnora’s aid for the people.

And when malachia calms down, the rest of the world livens up just a little bit.

Good Wishes for Tomorrow

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