NPC Cache: Highwall


100 – Kathi Gail – a young girl who is trying to organize a rebellion. Her father has been working the Quarry for a long time, and she broke in to try to rouse the people into a rebelion. In the end, the Rebellion never even happened, and Kathi became another victim of the Quarry.

47 – Olin Gail – An old man whose body looks older than it should. He is among the first 50 prisoners to work the Quarry. He is a wise old man, but he lacks spirit

Bethany Avery – Everett’s Mother and ‘special Guest’ of Warden Percivil. Bethany is under constant surveillance, and even has a female officer with her when she needs to do lady things.

Knoxi – The female officer in charge over Bethany. She is following orders, but secretly wonders about the woman’s presence. the reason why she is there, and the reason she is not counted among the other prisoners. Knoxi and Bethany have become unknowingly close due to their time together, and Knoxi is the main reason Percivil has been unable to take advantage of the woman.

Warden Percivil – His first name is actually warden, and he worked his way through the ranks at the Quarry from a very young age. Some say he was born there. His administration has been harsh, destructive, and aggressive.


NPC Cache: Highwall

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