Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Difference Maker

Your lords on high decree

“Pretty Impressive.” Aerin’s fingers tugged at the leather cover of the book his father had left him. It had only been a few hours since he had been given Regency of Alnoir. He sat now watching as the party that his father had loved more than himself restored a small piece of order to the world he now virtually owned. He allowed the image to die now as he heard hushed voices from the hall outside. He crept from his seat beside the whirling pool of energy to better hear the voices.

“It’s a Dark business, all this. If I had known you would use his own son to execute him, I never would have given my blessing. You are a cruel man, Velkan.” It was Odion, the sage-like Regent of Eoa. In his time with the regents, he had never known the tall purple-armored man to show so much emotion at one time.

Velkan was the Regent who had first encountered Aerin, who had turned him against his father, fueled his anger. Watching the man die, that anger had now cooled into a grey apathy that muted Aerin’s boyish features. “hate me if you wish, Odion, but I have never abused my power as he did, or carry myself with such pomp…”

“Our Office is Corrupt.” Odion replied “If only your power-blind eyes could see that. we may have rules, but those rules are not self-evident. You have not been around as long as I have, seen the kinds of things we can do without consequence. You would do well not to judge those who act from their hearts. some are not as hollow as yours.”

And with that he heard heavy boot clomps leaving, signaling the end of the conversation. He heard Velkan’s voice then, almost an unintelligible whisper. “If noone else is willing to perform the job the way it must be done, perhaps I should do it for them.”



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