Good Wishes for Tomorrow

Madness from Dreaming (edited)

Real and the unreal

The vision began as many did, with tiny glimpses and half-remembered visages. He saw firion’s body explode into force and energy. He saw Baba Yaga’s smiling face above him. He saw a winged darkness descend down from the heavens. He saw a young girl running, splashing, into a sea that was not acidic, and he felt himself falling – Falling into a great emptiness.

The void opened up with a voice. “Callan, my dear brother.” it was the voice of his so-called Fae sister. “As my brethren, the past and the unwrit future lie at your fingertips. Allow me to guide you…for there are things that have been – a long time ago – that may avail you in days to come.”

You see a young Firion visiting a friend. A baby was cradled in his arms, and it was not his own. Firion places his thumb on the baby’s forehead, and a spark of flame shot out from the it’s little fingers.

A wave of emotions and time sweeps past, and the next scene that unfolds is a familiar one. Kitsure is bidding his friends farewell and passing through a mirror. Moments later the demon of Uthvana has been defeated, but at a terrible cost. Kitsure lies breathless, sprawled out on the grass.

Firion views these events through a looking glass, and shakes his head.

The vision tears away into blackness, and a precarious road stretches over the abyss. The paths seem to go on forever, breaking off into narrow offshoots and coiling around itself like a wall-less labyrinth. Strange artifacts and debris float through the blackness. The ticking of a clock echos through the emptiness, signalling the end of the dream.



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