Good Wishes for Tomorrow

The Bitterness and Sweetness of Life Parts 1 and 2

The Fall of the Magician, and the Rising of his tower

In the first of these epic episodes, the party was alerted to the fact that Firion, their long-loved mentor and guide had angered his powerful peers, and was set to be Erased for his crimes against time itself. The Regents, powerful and omnicient lords of the material planes – as well as time itself – had made it so.

As promised, the group was allowed to witness this event, and witness it they did. But in their last interaction with Firion, a gift was bestowed. They key to Firion’s own Playhouse. A temple to his creativity and a vault for his secrets. In addition, Roa, the would-be messenger from the regents came down with a racking sickness. They would discover, after taking her to a doctor, that she was pregnant, although she advocated her virginity. How could this be?

In the Second episode, the group, now aided by a new ally – Jasper the Cleric of Olidhamara – ventured into the Playhouse in search of answers and perhaps closure. What they found was awesome and also sad. The once glorious undersea temple had fallen into disrepair, and was beset by a great and evil force which had once been held captive here by Firion himself.

Now set free, the Tree of Wailing Souls sought to make this world it’s own. But the party destroyed the tree and in doing so unwittingly brought peace to the acidic sea. The Playhouse drifted into the sky, a silent sentinel over the land, and a shining testament to it’s lord’s legacy.



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