Okay, So the craft Alchemy skill in the book is kinda lame. I’m going to allow Alchemists to make more things at higher DCs from now on, and this is where I’m going to put the extra possibilities.

Item cost in materials Craft DC
Acid 10G 15
Alchemist Fire, Smokestick, Tinder Twig, Sleep weed 20G, 15G, 10G, 25G 20
Anti-toxin, Sunrod, Tanglefoot bag, thunderstone, Health Potion (lesser) 25G, 30G, 20G, 40G, 100G 25
Health Potion (Greater), Stamina Drink 150G, 100G 30
Health Potion (immaculate) 200G 35

Item Descriptions
Acid: see PHB
Alchemist Fire: see PHB
Smokestick: See PHB
Tindertwig: See PHB
Sleep Weed: Sleep Weed is a Alchemically treated plant which can be ground into packets which explode on impact with the ground when thrown. Ingestion can also create the effect. To throw a Sleep weed pouch, the weilder must succeed on a ranged touch attack on a specific square. Once the Sleep weed hits the desired square it bursts into a plume of finely ground Sleep Weed. fortitude DC 15. Once asleep, a target will sleep for 4 hours unless attacked or roused in some other fashion. Save DC can be increased but each point the DC is raised increases the Craft DC by 1. you must decide to increase the DC before making the craft check.
Anti-toxin: see PHB
Sunrod: See PHB
Tanglefoot bag: see PHB
Thunderstone: see phb
Health potion (lesser): A simple potion of health. Heals 1d8+1 hitpoints The crafter can increase the added value by increasing the Craft DC for the potion, 1 point for each additional 2 to the craft check.
Health potion (greater): A moderate Potion of health. Heals 2d8+1 hitpoints. The crafter can increase the added value by increasing the craft DC for the potion, 1 point for each additional 2 to the craft check.
Stamina Drink: A potion that accelerates the body’s adrenaline levels, and causes the target to perform better. They gain +2 to attack and AC, as well as all skills related to strength or dexterity for 1d4 minutes.
Health Potion (immaculate): A fantastic Health potion. Heals 3d8 hitpoints. The crafter can increase the number of d8 that is rolled by increasing the Craft DC by 5 for each desired d8 beyond 3.

Alchemic Bullets
It is possible to use the craft alchemy skill to create Bullets which deal extra effects on top of the damage they normal deal. Normally bullets are crafted in increments of six, each taking about four hours of uninterrupted labor to produce.

Task Ingredients effect DC 15 DC 20 DC 25 DC 30 DC 35
Normal Bullets Gunpowder, casings Piercing Damage 2d4 2d6 3d4 2d8 3d6
Fire Bullets alchemist fire, Normal bullets Extra Fire Damage +1d4 +1d6 +1d8
Holy Water Bullets Holy Water, Normal bullets extra dmg against demons +1d6 +1d8 +2d4 +1d12


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