Painter of Life

Level HD requirement Benefit(s)
1 4 True Portrait
2 7 Gesture Painting
3 11 True Landscape
4 15 Locked
5 18 Locked
6 20 Locked

True Portrait Lv. 1
At first level, any painting that Moon paints reflects the subject’s true personality as well as their likeness. Good people look Beautiful, and Evil people look Ugly. Neutral people look normal.

Gesture Painting Lv. 2
At second level, Moon has the ability to quickly sketch a subject and effect them minutely. As long as he has line of sight with a target he can use this ability. As a full round action he makes a gesture drawing of that creature, well enough to separate it from the rest of the creatures near him. From there, he either draws a line through the creature’s gesture do deal 1d8 points of lethal or non-lethal damage to them, or draws a circle around them to heal 1d8 points of damage.

True Landscape Lv. 3
once per week, one of Moon’s landscape paintings can act as a portal to the location depicted in the painting for up to 4 creatures. This is a one-way trip.

Painter of Life

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