The Ariat Fire Bird

Ability Level HD Requirement Benefit(s)
1 5 Firebird Manifestation, Blessings of Fire
2 8 Fire Affinity
3 12 Firebolt, Burning Spells
4 16 Flame Cloak 2/day, Fire Immunity
5 20 Locked
6 25 Locked

Firebird Manifestation Lv. 1
When Kitsure’s HP reaches 10%, he has the option to call upon the Firebird for asstance. His inner fire consumes his body and he becomes a size category huge fire elemental in the shape of a bird. The Firebird manifests for a maximum number of rounds equal to Kitsure’s HD. When the duration of the effect ends, Kitsure is rendered unconscious and is fatigued until he has slept 8 hours.

The Firebird has 110 Hit points, immunity to Fire and Cold, and uses Kitsure’s base attack bonus + his int modifier for attack rolls. It has two talons and a bite attack, all of which deal fire damage and have a 50% chance to cause the target to catch on fire. The two talon attacks deal 1d8 each, and the bite attack deals 2d6 points of damage. If the firebird is reduced to 0 hit points, it reverts back into Kitsure. Kitsure does not take damage while in this form.

Blessings of Fire Lv. 1
Kitsure may switch any spell he has prepared for a fire spell of the same spell level. the spell slot is consumed as normal.

Fire Affinity Lv. 2
Kitsure gains an additional spell per day for each spell level he can cast. The spell prepared in this slot must be a fire-type spell.

Firebolt Lv. 3
Kitsure Learns the new spell Fire Bolt, which acts like magic missile, except it does fire damage in the form of d6’s and is a second level spell.

Burning Spells Lv. 3
Fire spells that Kitsure may cause creatures caught in them to catch on fire. Creatures caught of fire this way take an amount of damage each round equal to the minimum number of damage the spell could cause. (A spell that deals 6d6 points of fire would deal 6 points each round). A full-round action stops a creature from burning.

Spells which require successful saves negate the burning effect on a successful save. Spells that require a touch attack have a 50% chance of causing burn damage. Spells which only require line of site cause burn damage 100% of the time. Fire creatures are immune to this burn damage.

Flame Cloak Lv. 4, Lv. 5
a shroud of fire surrounds Kitsure, dealing 1d12 points of fire damage to creatures within melee range. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to Kitsure’s HD. He may use this ability a number of times per day as shown in the table.

Fire Immunity Lv. 4
Kitsure is immune to fire damage of all kinds

The Ariat Fire Bird

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